WesTower Thorsby Alberta

WesTower Communication’s Thorsby, AB branch is one of our 3 full service facilities.  Thorsby has a state of the art facility with Engineering/design, detailing fabrication warehousing and project management.  Our operation has several departments working together to accomplish a common goal of Safety, Quality and Efficiency. Our department heads have built very strong teams of highly qualified personnel, to meet and exceed the challenges of new techniques and technologies.

WesTower Thorsby also has a full service field operations group.   From inspections, maintenance and 24/7 call out services, to installation services for towers, rooftop, monopoles and all other cellular, broadcast or communication structures.  We also offer full testing capabilities including, microwave, cellular, PIM, electrical service installations, DC and Solar Installations, field testing and troubleshooting.

Our civil and foundation crews are experienced in road building, site clearing compound and foundation construction including rock, soil, pile, screw and grillage as well as hybrid foundations.  Our Thorsby facility also fabricates communication shelters including installation of electrical and DC power plants in new or existing shelters.

WesTower Thorsby services northern Alberta and provides support to our mid-West offices in Calgary, Saskatoon and Manitoba.  Thorsby’s fabrication facilities provides products to all our mid-Western branches but also can assist other branches by providing products to BC or as far east as Sault Ste. Marie depending on workload of our Ontario fabrication facility.

With years of working in the oil patch industry our Thorsby branch is very experienced in meeting the highest demands for safety while working in some of the most extreme conditions.  Thorsby’s large group of dedicated professionals will ensure your projects are completed safely, on time and on budget.

Inside Shack Devastation

Burnt Out Cell Tower Shack

Albert Strong!

Alberta Strong!  WesTower crew deployed to restore cell service during Ft McMurray fire 2016