The Surrey BC Team

Surrey is out West Coast hub, where all design and entire BC region is…

WesTower Communication’s Surrey, BC branch is one of our 3 full service facilities.  Surrey has a state of the art facility with Engineering/design, detailing fabrication warehousing and project management.  Our operation has several departments working together to accomplish a common goal of Safety, Quality and Efficiency. Our department heads have built very strong teams of highly qualified personnel, to meet and exceed the challenges of new techniques and technologies.


WesTower BC also has a full service field operations group.   From inspections, maintenance and 24/7/365 call out services, to installation services for towers, rooftop, monopoles and all other cellular, broadcast or communication structures.  We also offer full testing capabilities including, microwave, cellular, PIM, electrical service installations, DC and Solar Installations, field testing and troubleshooting, laboratory testing and pre-field bench testing setup services.


Our civil and foundation crews are experienced in road building, site clearing compound and foundation construction including rock, soil, pile and grillage as well as hybrid foundations.  Our Surrey facility also fabricates communication shelters including installation of electrical and DC power plants.


WesTower Surrey services all areas of British Columbia and provides support to our Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut operations. We have extensive knowledge of all these areas, which allows us to complete a variety of tasks, on time and on budget. Our experience and size has played a pivotal role in many large Telecom projects completed by carriers in the last 25 years. We are very proud of our ability to bring a large number of resources to bear, when our customers need projects completed. With this large number of field employees dispatched to each of these areas, we are able to respond very quickly to customer requirements, while minimizing mobilization charges.