WesTower Elmira Ontario

WesTower Communication’s Elmira, ON branch is one of our 3 full service facilities.  Elmira has a state of the art facility with Engineering/design, detailing fabrication warehousing and project management.  Our operation has several departments working together to accomplish a common goal of Safety, Quality and Efficiency. Our department heads have built very strong teams of highly qualified personnel, to meet and exceed the challenges of new techniques and technologies.

WesTower Elmira covers the Southern Ontario region while providing support to Thunder Bay as well as Engineering, detailing and fabrication services to our offices in Quebec and eastern Canada.  Our facility is located on 4 acres of land with over 15,000 square feet of manufacturing and office space.

WesTower is located in an area which still has many old world values and yet is situated next to firms and universities which carry out innovative research in computer, engineering, mathematical and physical sciences.  It provides our people with a respect for traditional values and yet looks forward to the future with unbridled optimism.

WesTower Communications in Elmira designs, engineers, fabricates and erects communication towers, rooftops, monopoles, tripoles as well as all other types of communication sites and structures. We also provide site inspections, engineering analysis, tower/site maintenance, engineering and fabrication of tower components, along with field technical services to our customers.  As the wireless industry experiences continuous growth and change, selecting an experienced partner capable of delivering turn-key network development and build-to-suit service is critical to success.

Our engineering team manages a complex array of architectural, electrical, and structural elements while interfacing with clients, field crews, contractors, suppliers, and other interested parties to ensure that all site-specific objectives are captured in development documents for our customers.

Elmira WesTower has a fabrication plant with a full line of guyed towers, self-support towers, monopole, tripoles and custom structures as well as co-location attachments.  Our in-house fabrication capability, coupled with our engineering expertise, allows us to deliver innovative products for the most challenging applications.  Due to the fact that we have onsite steel fabrication and maintain a large inventory of RF components we are able to ensure that our clients’ critical time frames are achieved.

Our experienced Project Management team working with our Field Service Technicians ensure a quality installation.  WesTower’s highly skilled technical services personnel are current in the latest 3G, LTE, mobile radio, microwave, and fibre optic installation and testing methods.

State of the art test equipment and dedicated RF testing teams allow us to monitor and maintain system integrity and quality control.  Our proficiency with installation of A/C power systems, D/C power plant, emergency power systems, grounding, and alarm systems further enhances our full service capabilities.

WesTower provides an Emergency Call out Service to many of the major telecommunication companies in Southern Ontario.  We have field crews available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week ready to respond to any emergency that may arise.

We also provide tower inspection and maintenance services to our customers to address issues before they become emergencies.  All commercial carriers routinely schedule inspections of towers and do repairs as part of a normal network maintenance program.   Many of our customers also schedule inspections of their sites after they have been exposed to a damaging event.  This may include a heavy ice storm, a tornado in the area or perhaps a record windstorm.

Our customers include commercial cellular carriers, original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s) regional police, fire and ambulance organizations as well as all levels of government including federal, provincial, and regional municipalities to expand or maintain their existing telecommunication systems.

WesTower Elmira employs a large and varied staff of highly skilled and experienced professionals.  Our strong engineering and drafting department works with our Project Managers, fabrication and field staff to continually improve our products and installation methods to provide on time and on budget services to our customers.   WesTower is always ready to respond to all our customer’s needs in the shortest possible time frame.