WesTower North NWT|Yukon|Nunavut

The WesTower Northern Division which includes Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut has locally based technicians and a dedicated Management team with engineering and fabrication support is provided by the BC office.


All services offered by the southern WesTower offices are also available to the Northern Division. WesTower has been operating in the north since its inception in 1990 and has continued to grow and fine tune the design and installations practices for the environmental and logistical challenges of this area. Our ability to provide design build solutions in the North has allowed WesTower to be involved with almost every northern  Wireless deployment and Wireline M/W network overbuild/extensions over the last 25 years. We maintain storage facilities in Northern BC, Yukon and Northwest Territories which allow our local crews to respond quickly to emergencies. We have been called upon to restore temporary facilities to numerous communities while engineering designs permanent solutions.


We have received awards for fibreglass designs to reduce ice loading and damage on tower structures.


We have designed and built projects that use all forms of transportation including helicopter, ice roads and barges and realize logistics are a huge aspect of building telecommunications systems in the north.


Our Northern experience has given us extensive knowledge in minimizing impact on the environment and landscape, working safely and meeting local and federal safety requirements in extreme conditions, familiarity with local conditions and contractors which allows accurate budgeting and experience with both oil/gas and mining facilities and able to meet those specific safety requirements.