WesTower Site Modification Division

With the need for increased network capacity the loading on towers has increased resulting in the need to potentially upgrade the tower structure and at time the foundation as well. Another factor driving is the need to upgrade existing tower structurals is CSA. Existing towers, when modified need to be brought up to the CSA specifications. WesTower has quality resources to install tower modifications including tower audits, mapping and inspections, guy wire replacement and tensioning, reinforcement and replacement of tower structural members, hardware replacement, certified welding services, foundation modifications and drop and swap services. WesTower’s Canadian in-house fabrication and supply service can help expedite On-Time Delivery and Time-to-Market metrics. With three fabrication facilities producing over 6,000 tons of steel per year, WesTower offers access to a complete array of parts and components for the wireless and broadcast industries. Our large inventory means we can ship parts within 24 hours, critical to an industry where Time-to-Market is everything. WesTower’s in-house fabrication team produces customer towers from rooftop structures to tall tower designs. WesTower welders are CWB certified and our fabrication facility is AISC certified ensuring the highest quality craftsmanship.