Tower Maintainence


WesTower communications provides premier maintenance services for all types of Telecommunication sites across Canada including guyed towers, self-support structures, monopoles and rooftop site locations.


CSA Standard S37 – 13 Antennas, towers, and antenna – supporting structures recommends that all antenna towers and antenna-supporting structures should be given a detailed inspection by a professional engineer or a qualified technician at intervals not exceeding four years for guyed structures and six years for self-supporting structures.  The inspector should submit a written report to the owner, who should have the inspector’s recommendations implemented.


The Standard goes on to state that the inspection should include a check of the following:


  1. a) Verticality, straightness (alignment
  2. b) Guy tensions
  3. c) Twist
  4. d) Visual examination of tower members and connections
  5. e) Visual examination of ladders, gratings, and handrails
  6. f) Visual examination of guy assemblies
  7. g) Foundations
  8. h) Antennas and antenna mountings
  9. i) Transmission lines
  10. j) Grounding.
  11. k) Insulators — where applicable.
  12. l) Electrical installation – Check that obstruction lights are in accordance with Transport Canada requirements.
  13. m) Painting
  14. n) Galvanizing and other anti-corrosion treatment


WesTower has qualified tower inspection technicians in all 10 of our branch offices across Canada.



Tower and antenna maintenance is probably the most overlooked factor in the efficiency of tower sites and their longevity.   Most commercial carriers routinely schedule tower inspections and maintenance and many will have their sites checked after they have been exposed to a damaging event.  This event might be an ice storm, a tornado in the area or a record windstorm.


WesTower understands that communication sites exist in dynamic environments.  Towers and Antennas are subject to the elements including wind, rain, snow, ice, freeze thaw cycles and in some instances salt sea air.  All of these can cause deterioration in the structure and the performance of the antennas.


Tower maintenance is a 2 part process.  Initially the inspection followed by the actual repair of the maintenance items.    Many elements of a tower site may require immediate attention while others may be scheduled for a later date.


WesTower believes that proper planning and a good working relationship with our customer is critical to an efficient and cost effective tower maintenance program.  Although many repairs can be scheduled after the initial inspection, it is less expensive to perform them while the technician is on site.


A good inspection requires that the inspectors be able to perform minimal repairs.  Although it is impossible to anticipate everything that may be required Westower has the experience to identify routine and likely matters that will arise.   Before mobilizing to the site the inspection team makes sure that a reasonable supply of lamps, nuts, bolts, connectors, and other materials are inventoried and with them to avoid a costly and unnecessary return trip.


The working relationship with our customer is critical and is developed over time and experience.  Our customers trust us to perform the necessary repairs only and to communicate effectively with them to ensure that we understand their intentions and requirements.


We recognize that the onsite technician needs to communicate clearly the findings at the site and effected repairs.  WesTower will provide a clear detailed report including all observations and a photo log which provides the owner with before and after photos documenting the work performed at the site.


Each maintenance program is customised to the needs and wants of the tower owner.   Depending on the type of site and the region of the country the maintenance requirements can vary widely.   Working together with WesTower we can provide a site maintenance program that works for you.