Shelter Design and Fabrication

Fabrication Facilities

WesTower has three fabrication facilities located in Elmira, ON, Thorsby, AB and Surrey, BC.  The three facilities spread out across the country allow us to manage work flow to meet expedited timelines, shipping constraints, and provide the client with cost savings as well as timely delivery schedules.

Each fabrication facility has in house Engineering located in the same building for efficient communication and problem solving.  The close proximity of Engineering, drafting and fabrication facilitates real time review of inventory to ensure that a design is practical to the client’s needs and that quality material can be readily sourced.  To further insure a premium product that is also practical for site conditions our Engineers, experienced field technicians and fabricators all collaborate on the design and fabrication process.  Our facilities and process allows for a product to be built to the client’s specifications, while allowing more control over delivery schedules. Our manufacturing facilities have close working relationship with local galvanizing and painting facilities further controlling the process to obtain preferred scheduling of the end product.

Our facilities use the latest equipment such as CNC Angle Line 643Q (Peddimat) for the efficient processing of angle and flat bar material.  The equipment delivers high accuracy with ability to punch stamp and to cut material to length.  The proficiency of this machine allows WTC to process steel to accommodate rush jobs for emergency repairs or installation solutions.  We also use CNC Plasma Burn Tables (Pinnacle Whistler HP) with the capability to process material from 1/16” – 3” thickness with precision quality uniformity.

Our facilities and welders are certified with the Canadian Welding Bureau, Division 2, 47.1 (steel) with Surrey also being certified in W47.2 (aluminum)

Various product lines are fabricated in each of our shops.

  • LDSS – Light Duty Self Support Towers
  • Self Support Towers 3 Legs – Solid Round, angle or pipe leg designs available
  • Self Support Towers 4 Legs able to support Cupola or similar structures (Lookout Station – Forestry)
  • All-weld guy towers
  • Knockdown guyed towers
  • Monopoles – 18”-72” OD, Internal or External Flange
  • Foundation Interfaces
  • Antenna Mounts
  • NPRM (non-penetrating rooftop mounts)
  • Structural framed buildings and skids
  • COW (Cellular on Wheels) and temporary towers
  • Tower Reinforcing Material
  • Airport Runway Antenna and Lighting – Towers and Mounting Hardware Systems
  • Radar Towers
  • Tri-poles
  • Custom structures for any antenna mounting needs

WesTower is also able to design and/or fabricate custom structures in compliance with the latest S37 tower standard or other standards as applicable to suit any requirements our clients have.


Shelter Design & Fabrication

WesTower has been manufacturing custom communication equipment and generator shelters for over 20 years.   Shelters are designed and built to the client’s specifications and various site-specific conditions including layout and environmental.   WesTower can customize every aspect of the shelter with respect to dimensions, HVAC requirements, door and port locations as well as for site conditions.  Our shelters have been designed and constructed to be robust enough to be skidded to site behind a CAT, light enough to be set with a helicopter and every option in between.

WesTower’s experienced carpentry and electrical services from our shelter division can be used for in-build communication room construction or for modification of existing locations to client equipment room specification within rooftop or building sites.