Tower Site Upgrades and Modifications

For over 25 years, WesTower has led our industry in managing the evolution and development of mobile networks.  As end users have demanded additional features, greater capacity and coverage, WesTower has been at the forefront of helping carriers and OEMs deploy solutions into their network that help provide the competitive advantage in creating higher end user satisfaction and reducing customer churn.

Whether upgrading a single site or needing a market or national program to implement a new initiative WesTower’s national footprint coupled with our focus on Safety, Quality and On-Time delivery help to ensure that your next upgrade will be handled smoothly and with your peace of mind.

WesTower’s scale, robust back office systems, plus our national Safety, Quality and Project Management Organization ensure that your implementation has the consistency and quality necessary to ensure your service quality and coverage expectations are met today as well as establish a strong platform for your next upgrade cycle.

Our complete set of services include A&E, tower modifications, all equipment and adjunct supporting site additions and modifications (power, backhaul, lines, cabinets, HVAC, etc.) for capacity and service upgrades on all types of sites and across all location types.

With the need for increased network capacity the loading on towers has also increased, and CSA specifications have also continued to change, both which can result in the need to upgrade tower structures and foundations. Existing towers, when modified, need to be brought up to the CSA specifications. WesTower has quality resources to install tower modifications to CSA specifications including tower audits, mapping and inspections, guy wire replacement and tensioning, reinforcement and replacement of tower structural members, hardware replacement, certified welding services, foundation modifications and drop and swap services.