Engineering and Design

WesTower’s engineering team consists of a talented group of professionals with years of experience in the telecommunication service industry in such areas as rigging, tower and equipment installation, inspections and civil work. Working seamlessly with our field and manufacturing personnel, WesTower’s engineering services include the design and analysis of antenna supporting towers, foundations, antenna support mounts and existing structure reinforcing. Through the use of specialized computer software, WesTower engineers perform tower design and analysis while adhering to the requirements of the latest version of the CSA S37 standard.

Whatever the requirements, WesTower engineering can design a tower that works and surpasses expectations. Known for their quality and easy to construct towers, WesTower can design and supply any type of steel tower to meet a customer’s needs. No project is too big or too small. With three fabrication facilities located across Canada, WesTower is strategically positioned to quickly turn any design concept into a tower supply project. Tower designs are completed with the consideration of site specific environmental conditions and antenna loadings to provide customers with the most efficient and economical towers possible, while still exceeding the customer’s specifications and the latest CSA S37 standard.

As a commitment to customer service, Westower engineering has developed a separate Engineering Consulting Group to focus primarily on tower analysis projects. With a dedicated group of experienced engineers, Westower has positioned itself to provide its customers with the utmost care and attention, while offering fast analysis completion times. When specific tower details are not available, the consulting group can also perform site climb audits to retrieve any missing information. Tower Audits and Inspections

Structural Detailers are also located at various offices across Canada and work directly with the engineers to produce quality construction installation drawings.

WesTower’s team of engineers are licensed to practice in all Canadian provinces and territories and are active participants on both the CSA S37 and STAC committees.  With engineers stationed at five different offices across Canada, the team can complete the most challenging engineering services in even the most remote locations of the country.