WesTower Signal Transport and Backhaul

As consumers demand more and more bandwidth and coverage with their mobile devices, a critical element in meeting their users demand often relies on MW backhaul solutions to meet time-to-market (TTM) metrics until a fiber solution can be deployed.

Deploying microwave backhaul offers a number of advantages over wired and fiber backhaul solutions. Significant bandwidth can be achieved with rapid TTM and low total cost of ownership.  If bandwidth demand necessitates fiber, the microwave system can serve as a redundant path during service outages of wired facilities.

For carriers looking to add capacity and coverage needs with reliable transport facilities, WesTower has extensive experience and expertise in the installation and turn up of both long haul transport in rural and rugged areas as well as backhaul solutions for dense urban environments.

WesTower can provide site surveys, line of sight surveys, equipment installation, path alignment and integration as part of our end-to-end service solution for microwave transport and backhaul for initial or additional transport for macro sites, small cells and for point to multi-point small cell polygons.