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Name: Size: Location: Quantity:
Monopole Tower 12m Surrey BC 1
Monopole Tower 20m Surrey BC 0
Monopole Tower 33m Surrey BC 1
Stealth Monopole Tower 23m Surrey BC 1
SS Tower 23m Surrey BC 1
SS Tower 30m Surrey BC 1
Shelter 10x10 Surrey BC 5
Shelter (Genset Building) 10x18.5 Surrey BC 1
Shelter 11.5x18.5 Surrey BC 1
Shelter 12x12 Surrey BC 1
Shelter 12x16 Surrey BC 25
Shelter 12x24 Surrey BC 3
Shelter (Genset Building) 8x12 Surrey BC 1
Buildings 12x16 Thorsby AB 38
Buildings 13x27 Thorsby AB 1
Buildings 10x10 Thorsby AB 2
Genset G70 58KW Thorsby AB 1
Temporary Fence Panels 4x4.5 FT Thorsby AB 33
Temporary Fence Panels 12x4.5 FT Thorsby AB 9
Self-Support Tower 60 FT Thorsby AB 1
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