Civil Construction

Westower Communications is an Industry Leader in the construction of new Telecommunications sites in Canada. We have been building telecom sites for over 25 years. From Vancouver Island BC to St Johns Newfoundland, Westower is committed to the latest techniques and best practices when performing civil construction, to achieve quality results.

Each branch office has several teams dedicated to the installation of towers, monopoles, waveguide bridges, shelters and leaseholds, generators and fuel systems, roads, fencing and landscaping. These experienced professionals have years of experience working in tough conditions, at remote locations, with tight timelines.

Westower is very proud of the quality installations we are able to complete, along with the assistance of our partner companies, to hand over deficiency free telecom sites, whether they are in the mountains of BC, or downtown Toronto.

The vastness of Canada and the variety of its landscape provides many challenges for design and implementation. Our Civil Crews can install telecom sites in any condition, whether that is a rock foundation on the Canadian Shield in Nunavut, a pile foundation in the muskeg of Northern Alberta, a spread footing in the hills of Nova Scotia, or a screw pile foundation on the tidal flats in Richmond BC.