WesTower Maintenance and Restoration Division

Within our services portfolio, WesTower offers deployment and maintenance services as well as emergency services restoration and deployment of additional network coverage  for high capacity events.

Effective maintenance is critical to the success of any communications network. Choosing a reliable partner with an end-to-end expertise and knowledge of the components of your system is critical. WesTower deployment and maintenance teams offer a range of services modern networks require to keep every element of your network operating effectively and efficiently including: site audits, ground maintenance, shelters, cabinets, power and transport systems, fencing, guy wire tensioning, HVAC, snow and ice removal, and tower lighting.

When a network outage occurs you want a partner that has the resources and experience to restore your network as quickly and efficiently as possible. Over our 25 year history, WesTower has worked with our clients in restoring their networks from catastrophic events, fires, vandalism and theft. Rapid mobilization of WesTower resources includes experienced operations management and field resources, generators, COWs, and other equipment and services needed to ensure a reliable and expedient network restoration.

WesTower can also provide resources for the deployment of COWs and HetNet infrastructure for temporary capacity for large events.  The deployment resources to support increased capacity needs ensures that your increase in network coverage and capacity meets the needs of your customers.