Tower Inspections

WesTower’s inspection and maintenance program promotes employee and contractor safety, network integrity and long-term asset value.  WesTower has been inspecting towers since its inception in 1989 and has continued to grow and develop this program.  We inspect all types of towers, guyed, self supporting, stealth, monopole and rooftops.  Our crews are not only trained on field requirements but our inspection data program ensures that each report is consistent and captures the same information,


The CSA S37-13 is the code used for the design, fabrication, installation and maintenance of communication structures in Canada.  This code recommends that periodic inspection and maintenance of all structures is undertaken.  WesTower adheres to this code specifically Recommendation D.


The inspection and maintenance program is not a structural review of the cell site installation, but rather a comprehensive visual review of the condition of existing cell sites.  It is understood that the original installation meets or exceeds the original construction drawing requirements.  If it is requested by the customer, or deemed necessary by the inspection, a complete structural analysis can be completed under a separate contract.


WesTower has developed a data collection program for cell site inspection and maintenance using the code CSA S37-13 as our guidelines.  Inspections are completed with the assistance of a cell site inspection checklist, guidelines, processes, and the assessment of liabilities and dependencies. The program focuses on proactive maintenance of cell sites, which has been proven to cost much less than reactive maintenance.  Repairs will be completed, whenever possible, while the field crew is on site to eliminate re-mobilization costs.  If repairs cannot be completed while on site, due to time or material limitations, WesTower will supply a quote to return and complete the work.


WesTower HSE policies meet or exceed the laws of the Canadian Labour Code. WesTower will complete all work in a safe and professional manner.  WesTower will complete a thorough visual tower inspection as outlined in the CSA S37-13 code.  Unless requested by the customer, the inspection will be limited to above grade visual elements only.  A trained, experienced and competent field crew will complete the work.  The inspection is a thorough and complete visual review of the structure and site as noted in the below “Inspection Checklist”.


WesTower will be responsible to calculate the pulse charts for each guyed tower site.  WesTower will use the information found on drawings and take measurements onsite to calculate these values.  When available we ask that the customer provide WesTower with as-built drawings for each tower that is scheduled to be inspected.  WesTower will complete a report for each structure inspected, outlining repairs completed as well as remaining deficiencies.  The report will include pictures showing an overview of the structure.  A record of all work completed will be included in the report for each site.  Where repairs are required, work will be completed in a professional, industry standard fashion with the tools and equipment required.  The report will include before and after pictures where of any deficiencies repaired during the time of inspection.


WesTower has trained inspectors in each of our 10 branches and have completed thousands of reports nationally for all carriers.   WesTower can complete all types of inspections to suit your requirements.  We can do visual, structural, below grade, above grade only, tower mapping……. we can offer minor maintenance repair work during the time of inspection to reduce mobilization costs.  We can provide standard tower inspection or fully customized to your specifications.