Technical Tower Services

WesTower’s technical services group covers all aspects of testing, commissioning and trouble shooting for cellular, microwave and broadcast systems as well as power plant installations.  WesTower has technicians located in each of our branches throughout Canada that we continually train in the latest technologies and equipment.  We also have several technicians trained and qualified to climb towers and fall arrest.  So whether it is a tower, rooftop, monopole, water tank, IBS or DAS system, our technicians are trained and qualified to install, test commission and trouble shoot your radio system.


General Cabling DC Power RBS
Equipment Removals PWR & GND – Lugs & Termination Power Bays Ericsson (2G, 3G, 4G) LTE
Equipment/Cable Re-grooming Electrical – Connectors & Termination Breaker Panel Nokia Siemens (2G, 3G) LTE
Equipment Rack Installation
  • Alarm, T1, Ethernet, etc…
Distribution Panel ZTE (3G)
Cable Management Installation
  • BIX, DSX, RJ45, etc…
Rectifier Shelf Huawei (2G) LTE
MDF & Associated hardware Fiber – Connectors & Termination Modular Rectifiers
GND Bar & Distribution
  • Corning Unicam (SC & LC)
Modular Batteries
Duplexers, Diplexers, Splitters
  • FPP, Switch, MW, RBS, etc…
  • Argus, Eltec, Emerson, ADC, etc…
RF Combining solutions
  • Fiber Inspection scoping
IBS RF – Connectors & Termination
Site Surveys
  • LDF, FSJ, LMR, EFX, etc…
  • DIN, N-Type, TNC, etc…
RNC Transport (MW & Switching)
ZTE (3G) Microwave
Huawei (2G)
  • Ericsson, Harris, Nokia
  • Nokia, Juniper, Adtran, Cisco


General RBS Transport (MW & Switching)
Fiber Fusion/Terminating Ericsson (2G, 3G, 4G) Microwave
OTDR Testing Nokia Siemens (2G, 3G)
  • Ericsson MiniLink
PIM Testing ZTE (3G)
  • Nokia (DS0/DS1)
RF Sweep Testing Huawei (2G)
  • Alcatel
Transmission Testing (BER Testing) Switching
Drive Testing (Voice & Data)
  • Cisco
  • Hardware Failures
  • Connectivity Failures
  • Electrical, RF, Fiber connections