In the fall 2014, Peter Jeffrey and Keith Ranney (Bell) brought together a group of carriers, tower contractor companies and telecom engineering firms on launching a Canadian association to represent companies in the communications infrastructure industry. The group at the founding meeting consisted of Bell, Rogers, SBA, Telecon, Telus, Tiller, Trylon, WesTower, and WSP. Clay Parchewsky represented WesTower on the Steering committee and after several meetings STAC was developed. STAC (Structures, Towers and Antennas Council) seeks to fill the void that is currently addressed in the United States by NATE (National Association of Tower Erectors). Founded in March 1995, NATE provides members with uniform safety standards, improved communications and a unified voice to help shape the future of the tower industry. Similarly, STAC’s mission will be to: 1. Promote safe work practices and uniform standards for all personnel involved with communications towers and related industry infrastructure 2. Educate industry participants, government agencies and the general public on consistent standards, policies and best practices; and 3. Provide a unified voice for the wireless infrastructure sector. STAC had a very successful inaugural conference on April 10-11th 2016 and membership now has 50+ Canadian contractor, carrier and engineering companies. Visit the STAC website www.STACouncil.ca. If you are interested in accessing the member login portal and want to get involved with STAC, please contact Clay Parchewsky.